Here are some of the services we provide:


• Chain of title reviews
• Writer agreements (guild and non-guild)
• Development financing agreements
• Clearances for E&O insurance
(locations, products, music, etc.)
• Producer agreements, director agreements, performer
agreements, composer agreements and other key talent
agreements (guild and non-guild)
• Production financing agreements
(Telefilm, CMF and other gov’t financing agreements,
CRTC-recognized fund agreements, distribution
agreements, broadcaster agreements,
sponsorship agreements, etc.)
• Option agreements (books, life stories, etc.)
• Script reviews for E&O insurance
• Co-production and co-venture agreements
(international, interprovincial, domestic, etc.)
• Credit facility and other interim financing agreements
• After-sale exploitation agreements


• Representation Agreements
• Services Agreements
• Endorsement Agreements


• Incorporations
• Amalgamations
• Shareholder Agreements
• Dissolutions
• Minute book updates

Distributors and Sales Agents

• Canadian, US and international distribution
and subdistribution agreements
• Sales agency agreements
• All forms of exploitation agreements
(broadcast, DVD, online, etc.)

CRTC-Regulated Entities

• Broadcast licence applications
(radio and television)
• Broadcast licence renewals
(radio and television)
• Change of control applications
(radio and television)

Intellectual Property Owners

• Copyright registrations
• Trade-mark registrations

Commercial Transactions

• Transaction Due Diligence
• Asset Purchases and Sales
• Share Purchases and Sales
• Investment Agreements
• Loan Agreements
(secured and unsecured)